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Family Gathering Venue & Accommodation

Jarrahfall is the perfect place to enjoy your next family gathering. Enjoy reconnecting with your loved ones in a peaceful outdoor setting.

Jarrahfalls Family Fun Days
Jarrahfalls Family Day
Jarrahfalls Family Days

A Relaxing Setting For Perth Family Gatherings

We understand the importance of having real quality time to spend with your loved ones. Modern life is just so busy what with work demands, running a busy home, technology and more. It’s no wonder that so many of us just don’t have the time to enjoy being with our families. Thankfully, when you book your family gathering with us, you can all just relax and enjoy being with your loved ones in a beautiful natural setting.

Another great aspect of booking with us is that no one needs to be the designated driver for the night or weekend. You and your loved ones can enjoy yourselves as much as you like and get to sleep in one of our bunkhouses or a chalet when you’re tired. Jarrahfall is the perfect place to just relax, decompress and to make some amazing memories.